Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig!

Clark was able to come home from the hospital yesterday. In good spirits, he told Bruce and Illa that all he has is E coli this time. "Oh, is that all?!" He does have Acenetobactor virus too, although serious, he has had that one before. Doctors aren't too worried about either because they caught them quickly but he needs to receive two different IV antibodies to fight them. The schedule is a little rough. He receives them at 6AM, noon, 6PM, and midnight for 2 weeks. It takes about 15 minutes to hook everything up, an hour for them to run, and another 10 minutes to disconnect. Makes for a long night. He has a slight loss of appetite and makes several trips to the bathroom from all the extra fluids but is feeling well overall. While in the hospital he enjoyed watching the Jazz game with Logan, Aaron, and Grayden.

Speaking of appetite . . . A favorite from childhood are peanut butter and cheese sandwiches which Clark has been eating at home lately. He also requested one from the Huntsman for lunch one day. They asked, "What kind of cheese would you like?" and brought it right up. I took a shake down to Clark this morning with lots of good stuff in it - banana, strawberries, orange juice, carrot juice, lots of spinach, omega oils, honey, and vanilla. When he asked me what kind of shake it was, I thought it was because he didn't like it. Instead he said it was really good.

One of the viruses that Clark has is very serious. I was worried about the babies but the doctors said that people with healthy immune systems should be ok. He warned to use extra good hygiene, be careful and clean in the bathroom, and to avoid sick people because both are at risk. They said that regular hand soap is best and antibacterial soap is not recommended because it also kills the good bacteria. He also said to wash cans and jugs that we bring home from the grocery store. Clark said it would be easier to go raw! He can't do any gardening, needs to avoid crowds, and cannot use public pools or hot tubs ever!

Nurse Kristin is back and as good as ever. The doctors wanted to make sure I came to the hospital so they could show me how to run the IVs. Clark and I both told them that we had done it before so they didn't go through any instructions. Clark's meds were delivered to the house and when he opened the box to find an IV pole, we knew we were in trouble. The IVs before were little pressurized bulbs and all you had to do was hook them up and they ran themselves. These ones are real IVs with tubes, and clamps, and regulators, and I don't even know what the other parts are for or even called. Clark and I read the instructions very carefully and several times. We figured something out that works and Clark is still alive but I'm anxious for Susan to come on Monday. So far I've pulled the tube from the IV bag and antibodies went spilling down my arms and back, we release the trapped air from the tube by running some into an empty pop can, and drained the antibodies completely when some blood backed into the tubing. Scary! He's probably more at risk with his life in my hands than with the viruses.
That's a lot of IV's in his fridge.


Rhonda Jo Kimble (Clark's Mother) said...

I really think you should have Clark's nurse friend Amber or Aubrey or what her name is, come by with a lesson on IVs right away. Perhaps Ana Bischke could give some advise. Its a pretty big job and with bacterias etc, everything should be as sterile as possible. I'll include praying for knowledge to IV Clark in my prayers today. Love Mom

Ligia said...

Oh Kristin, I'm sure the Lord is guiding your every move. You are all in my prayers. How you manage all this and time to be a devoted wife and mom, I will never know. I'm happy to hear you like the smoothie Clark. It sounded like quite a tasty one. Your lovely sister is really quite the angel in your life.

Karla said...

Kristin I would have to say u have the look of "well here goes nothing" i love it keeping u all in my thoughts and prayers

Janeanne said...

Just you toast the cheese and peanut butter sandwich? Interesting combination....

So glad you are home Clark. You remain in our prayers and thoughts. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Thanks for the updates, Kristin. You are a beautiful, very special sister.

Timberly Lunde (Boettcher) said...

Clark, we think about you every day. You are in our prayers constantly. Godbless, may this day be joyful.

Beth said...

Kristin, I want to ditto what Ligia has said. Those are my thoughts exactly. I have been thinking about you so much lately. You are an amazing person. My prayers are with you and Clark. Please call us if you are ever in need of or night! You are loved.


Bruce and Illa said...

I think you are a
"New and Improved, Wonder Woman", You are a temporal and spiritual leader in our Family. I do not
know what Clark would do without you! You are a service to your Brother without any, or any desire of
personnel gain. You are emulating the Savior by serving and showing true charity toward your fellow men! I've never
heard you say, why me, or I am to tired to do it today, you just keep going.
We are very proud to say you are our Niece, we want to be more like you when we grow up! Thanks Wonder Woman!
Love Bruce and Illa