Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Clark had his first post transplant clinic today. It is pretty much just a check up to make sure everything is going well. We were able to combine several trips into one. First he received platelets which is a couple hour ordeal. Yesterday he got a phone call that his liver levels were showing signs of rejection so he also had to have a liver biopsy. Dr. Hutson said the liver looks healthy, it isn't enlarged, and the blood is flowing through it well so that was good news. Clark, and the rest of us, also learned that they removed his gal bladder during the transplant surgery. Who knew? I guess it's somewhat standard so that he doesn't have problems with it down the road. Then, finally, off to clinic. They were pleased with the healing of his incision and everything else looked great. We will be back next week.So after the long day at the hospital we headed home. All of this must have caught up with Clark because he was not feeling well at all. He was in a lot of pain from the biopsy and could barely walk. He was able to relax somewhat on the drive home but was still nauseated and uncomfortable. When we got home, I pulled McLane out of the car and looked up at Clark who was just standing beside the car, waiting. I noticed the blank stare on his face and asked if he was OK. With his head hanging, he managed to slowly shake his head back and forth. I quickly stood in front of him and told him that he could lean over on me if he needed to. Immediately, his body fell limp over my shoulder. Now what? I looked around and thankfully saw my neighbor's garage door opening. I yelled to her for help and she went to get Kellen. We got Clark inside and he started to come to. I don't know how long he was out but he doesn't remember anything from getting out of the car until he got inside. We laid him in his recliner and got his feet up. He started to feel better as the night went on. This was probably the scariest time I've had with his since he's been here. Hopefully it was just a combination of a long day, little to eat, a lot of pain, and it won't happen again.


Timberly Lunde (Boettcher) said...

Still thinking about and praying for you every day Clark and family. Wishing you well!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are still with you, Clark! Stay strong. Jamie~ WI