Saturday, November 7, 2009


Since Clark's discharge, he has been going back to the hospital almost every other day for infusions. Home health comes to the house to draw blood every Mon, Wed, and Fri morning. Usually by that same afternoon, we receive a phone call that Clark needs to head immediately to the hospital because his levels are too low. Once she said that he wasn't even to shave because his platelets were so low. These infusions take several hours, and for one reason or another, they have taken even longer for Clark. Once they were training a new nurse, another time someone else had a reaction.
Probably the longest one of all was when we were out and about having a great day. We went to Kate's and Clark got a hair cut and saw his dogs. Then we went to RC Willey and he picked out his chair, which he has slept in about every night since. His chair became his bed and his bed became a table. Then we were at the mall to pick out a hat when the phone rang. Alaina said we were to come straight to the hospital and even though the Infusion Clinic was soon closing, the staff was being held for Clark. We arrived at the hospital at about 3:45 and walked out after 1:00AM. He received two units of packed red blood. The orders were for three but it was taking way too long. Thankfully the kids were so good and attracted much attention from the nurses. Exhausted, I walked out to get the car warmed up and pulled to the front door. I strapped both kids in, turned the key, and nothing. The car wouldn't even turn over. Both babies were now crying because they were so tired. At this point I just laughed. I thought, "What else?" Thankfully it was just a dead battery and security was able to jump us.I could be caught up on the blog with all the hours I've spent in waiting rooms at the hospital. But of course my hands are full juggling two kids instead of a computer. I've even become friends with the receptionist. She took Willow for a walk and we are exchanging recipes. I'm addicted to recipes if you don't know. I'll let you know how they turn out. Even though it's hard at times, I never mind all this. I will do anything it takes to help Clark improve. Each day I'm praying that his bone marrow will kick in and we will not get the call to come for infusions. This is just one more test of our faith. I feel that so many were joined together in prayer and fasting during the scary times a few months ago and now we have eased back. I think our prayers need to be just as pleading for Clark now. Pleading that he will not have to go through a bone marrow transplant. That will be yet another miracle, I know, but I have faith it can happen.


Bart said...

Clark you are also known as the Miracle Man as well as Superman so anything is possible. You are a strong person Clark and have an equally strong family that is in your corner helping you along the way. Keep strong and things will continue to improve as they have in the past. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love Bart

Janeanne said...

Hey Clark. Despite that you are still having some problems, you look great! It's wonderful to see you smiling.

My fast this weekend will be dedicated to you and my prayers will be that your bone marrow will start functioning properly. I'll ask my family and friends to participate, as well.

Hang in there. You've come so far. All will be well. Love ya.

Janeanne said... the way, I noticed the decor of your room is starting to look more like I remember it! You must be feeling right at home. (Just kidding.) LOL!

Timberly (Boettcher) Lunde said...

I am praying for you Clark; love seeing the pictures of your smiling face.

Nichole said...

Kristen, I would love to help anyway I can. Whether its watching your kids while you take Clark to the hospital or I would be happy to take Clark to the hospital.Please let me know how I can help. Clark has my number. I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, I know we all have so much to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I am so Thankful for you! You are a wonderful sister.
I am still praying for you all, and mosstly that Clark will not have to have a bone marrow transplant. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Kristin, You are also a 'miracle woman'. I am everyday more and more in awe of your strength to be a positive, loving and informative sister, daughter and friend. Today I thank you for your continued efforts to keep everyone informed while keeping an optimistic attitude. Clark, I will as always continue to keep you in my everyday thoughts and well wishes. You are truely BOTH an INSPIRATION!!

Marissa Ellefson

Austin said...

Clark, you look healthier already! I know it has been an uphill climb, but we are still pulling right along with you. Your life has become probably the biggest miracle I've ever seen -- right next to the birth of my kids.

I'm out to Saratoga quite a bit for work so if you guys need ANYTHING at all, just let me know.

Kristin, you are amazing.

Fernandez Family said...

Clark, you are always in my prayers. I will not stop pleading for you!
I love you, Kristin. You are such a great strength to those in your life. Stay Awesome!