Thursday, November 5, 2009

On The Mend

As mom said, "It must be a beautiful sight to look around and see Clark laying there." And it is. The first couple days he was here it was nice to hear him in his room, singing along with his music, and see him when he'd fallen asleep in my recliner upstairs for several hours. It has been great to have him here with us and doing so well. It didn't take Willow long to adjust to our live-in guest either. She loves to check on him first thing in the morning and always asks if he feels better. The very first night he was here she played XBox with him and now has a permanent seat in front of his TV in her panda chair. We get a good laugh out of her because of how she says Clark's name. Willow has always been a great talker but she says her c's and k's like t's. So Clark's name comes out "Tart". To make it even funnier, somehow she scrambled her sounds a little more and now she adds an f to the beginning and calls him, "Untle Fart"! Ah, that's great!Home health comes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They draw labs, change his dressing and monitor his wound, clean and flush his pic line, and make sure that he's he's doing well overall. Clark is sharp on his meds and procedures, even catching the nurses many times. I do his dressing change on the days Home Health doesn't come. I was nervous at first but am getting better with it. His wound is healing very well and very fast. We can notice considerable differences each time we change his dressing. He has gained a few pounds already and increases his strength and energy everyday. He can do stairs much better and faster and I rarely have to help him. He still gets short of breath at times but keeps working hard. He isn't doing physical therapy right now but is up and moving around more than he was in the hospital.

Clark continues to read the blog. He keeps up with all of your comments and often has read them before I do. He'll ask, "Did you see so-and-so's comment? It was really good," or "That was a great quote." He mentioned that he's going to put a post up one of these days so - Stay Posted! I've encouraged him to write as much of his experiences down as possible while they're still fresh, for the sake of preserving history. He is a little discouraged because his meds give him attention tremors. He shakes when he types or writes which is frustrating for him. He understands the value of getting it out on paper in his own words so I know it will come when he's inspired.


Your Mother said...

Good Morning. Things look better for you Clark. Its great to see you at Kristin's, now sleeping in the same bed I did for months. Your nurses look pretty special, especially the youngest one. She must give the "emotional support" you need. The wounds are definately healing however I expected to see them nearly closed. I am surprised to see the "tape" sores yet? Wonder why they don't heal and go away. They almost look open in some areas. Kristin (Nurse Good Body), you are doing a great job. I'm happy you are putting a few pounds on Clark already. You are truly an angel in our family, and you have been working in that capacity since your father died. You had to step up and help me raise the last six boys and you still are. You have always been an incredible example to our family. I'm sure your blessings will be many. I love you all. Mom

Elliot said...

I just wanted to second Rhonda and tell you Kristin that I think you're an angel in your family too.

Clark, I'm so glad to see you doing so well and am praying that a bone marrow transplant won't be necessary. I hope we can come visit sometime soon.

Love to all,
Elliot, April and Tate

Stephen said...

Clark, it's wonderful to see you doing so well. I, with Elliot, second your mother's remarks. I can't begin to articulate the respect I hold for Kristin. You truly are blessed to have her for a sister.

Love you Clark.

Uncle Stephen

Sandy Larson said...

Yeah Clark! You made it! We’re so happy to hear that you’re doing so well. You’re making amazing progress. We’re just hoping that you stay on the road to full recovery (no bone marrow transplant!).

I’ve always felt that everything happens for a reason. We’re all given different challenges and difficult trials to overcome. It’s a test to see how we’ll handle them and what we will learn from our experiences.

I got an email with some inspirational thoughts and thought I’d share:

May there be peace within your soul today.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith and hope.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
May God’s love allow your soul the freedom to sing and dance and cherish every moment.
Lots of love Clark. And Kristin – you are an awesome sister!
-Sandy Larson

T + 2 said...

What a relief it must be to finally have Untle Fart home! He looks wonderful Kristin, and I'm sure he will heal fully and quickly in your capable, loving hands.
If it's frustrating for him to write or type, I would be happy to transcribe any recordings he would like to make...just let me know.

Karla said...

What a GREAT feeling to be outta the hospital, and be at ur sister's home. Glad to see u doing so well. Kristin u are a wonderful lady I take pride in knowing u and Clark.

Jena Bracht said...

I keep trying to think of something to type in here that sums up my emotions for you, but all that comes to mind is WOW. Your strength and endurance are incredible, and every time I get on this blog I'm overwhelmed with emotion and joy! You're an amazing fighter, and your hard work has paid off. :) I'm glad to see that you are home with your family - no more machines, no more tubes, your incision is healing nicely and you are fast on your way to better. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Continue to move forward with your head held high. :)

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark,

Just wanted to say "Hi". Hope you are doing well and becoming stronger every day.

Hard to believe it's mid-November. The weather has been gorgeous here. Went out in just a sweatshirt (no jacket) and rode horse today. It's been at least 6 years since I've ridden. My horse bucked once which she has never done before. Guess she didn't miss me telling her what to do.

Made my Christmas list last night and thought I'd better get started on gifts. I'm typically a last minute person, but hoping to change my ways.

I make jewelry. For the past 5 years, I've been planning to make my brothers and sisters something out of Jasper stone since my maiden name was Jasper. Stayed up all night and made 9 keychains and 2 necklaces. It's been along time since I've done something that silly. But, it felt good to accomplish the goal.

While I was doing all that, I should have been working. Oh well, it will get done somehow.

Great to see your progress! Keep up the great work. Later.

Anonymous said...

Kristin and Clark thanks to both of you for being an inspiration and for keeping those of us who read your blog religiously updated. I sincerely wish you and your family all the best as you travel down the road to recovery.

You and your family are always in my thoughts, although we've never met.

I wish you all the best!

Kristina Hogan said...

:) so happy to hear you are doing well...and looking have an amazing family by your side and you are all so strong!! keep up the fight clark you have god on your words can truely explain any of this or make it better...but you are an inspiration to many who have followed your are always in our prayers, and cant wait to hear those words of full truely are an amazing man and have shown people that no matter how hard times may be you just have to keep on going never giving up or losing faith...take care of yourself and stay strong!!

Karla said...

Kate and Preston came for the weekend and gave me updates on you and your progress, and hair cuts, etc. Glad you are gaining weight, and getting stronger each day.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for the coming weeks, and know that I will stop by for a good visit when I'm up in SLC next.

One of the gals (Donna)from my previous job at Alta View Sports Medicine said her whole office reads your blog every day and cheers went up when you were released. So pretty amazing how many people consider you FRIEND.

Lotsa a love, and a HUG for your sweet Sis and her hubby too!

Karla in St. George

Amie said...

Clark - you are amazing. I weep too to think of all you have been through. How lucky you are to have a sister like Kristin. She truly is an angel. Oh and treasure the attention you get from Willow. I only wish I was so lucky. You are in our prayers - daily! Hang in there and continue with the courageous battle. Love, Marc and Terri Purles

Paul said...

Hey clark! Its pretty sweet to see you finally out of the hospital. I have to say your looking great! It looks like your hair is already thicker. Can't complain about that! I do have to say that you have a pretty awesome family!! Kristin is an amazing woman. I don't think you could be in better care. Are you doing any reading of Dean Koontz still? If you run out I have a bunch here at home that i would love to hand over to you. poor things are gettin dusty! Anyways, keep it up god bless and write you later!
Ashley Lueck

Ron Gullickson said...

Keep up the good work "Untle Fart". You are such an inspiration to those around you and those who have read your blog these past months. Heavenly Father Lives and He watches over His children. I look back on my experience and it makes me think of the poem "Footprints in the Sand", where it says that we he asked the Lord where He was during his trials and only saw one pair of footprints, the Lord answered him saying that was when He carried him. I know I couldn't have gone through what I went through without His help. You are AWESOME Clark, and my prayers are with you and all the Watertown crew. Stay strong and lean not on the arm of flesh, but lean on the LORD. We have both had experiences where it was unlikely we were going to live another week let alone a day. Keep in touch please!