Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I bet ur all thinking "It's about time"

well here i am, miracle man, superman, survivor, brother, and son to all of u. i am not good with thinking of things to write so i will try my best. I know alot of u have been asking me to post something, so here it goes. Its been nice being out of the hospital now for the past 2 weeks. i have been shopping alot...lol...for video games and new clothes cause none of my old clothes fit. I am still down 30 pounds. I dont recall somethings that happened to me in the hospital so i too am very grateful for this blog to remind me of the adventure. So what i am doin is writing all u for thanks to be there for me and to be such a big support for me in ur prayers, fasting, and whatever else people have done. I started at the very beginning of the blog and i will read through everything...comments and all posts. Then once i get through i will post again with more memory of my "Hotel" HAHA i mean hospital stay.


Stephen said...

So great to see your own words here, Clark. Can't wait to see that scar.

Anonymous said...

CHUCK NORRIS doesn't have anything on you!! glad your back and feeling better! love ya.

Ricky L

Bart said...

Yes, it is about time. Lots to catch up on Clark. Enjoy the journey. Its great to have you finally posting. Look forward to seeing you and keep going, you have made huge strides in your progress to full recovery. Love ya Bart

Your Mother said...

Clark it is SOOO wonderful to see your efforts in contributing to your blog. We know how much you've been through physically, but we don't know how much emotionally and mentally. Your struggles have been ours, as much as we could carry. The rest was yours. Only YOU could do the majority of the journey alone. I, like many other family and friends, are giving thanks and we continue praying for the Lord's hand to be with you constantly. As you go through your blog, and shed many tears as we already have, I want you to appreciate your life and live each day as if it was your last. Do and be YOUR best, have no regrets at the end of your day. Clark, I'm so happy to have been a part of this blog, to have given you my heart, mind, and tears. When you were in a coma the entire day before your new liver was located, I ached from head to toe, only my tears speaking the words I couldn't say. I pled for your life to the Lord. I lay awake MANY nights, then and still, asking for the Lord to remember you and your desires to live a life not only as a son, but husband and father. Live today as to earn those positions perfectly. Continue to record your thoughts in this blog Clark. You don't need to write to anyone in particular, write to yourself, and write your history. Your posterity will see your strength in your words. This Thanksgiving I will celebrate your life. I Love You Clark. Your Mother

PS Remember also, the words in your blessing before going into the hospital, "Clark, you will suffer much, but nothing compared to what our Savior suffered".

Anonymous said...

Clark I am glad to see you are feeling enough better to be out of the hospital and getting stronger everyday. Sounds like you are getting wonderful care and support in the Purles home, many blessings to them for their open arms and care. Also glad to see you making contributions to the blog and will be looking forward to future additions from you. I have been thankful for Kristin's and Rhonda's posts, and how they kept us up to date through it all, now it is Clark's turn to tell the rest of the story.

Prayers from our household will continue for your recovery, and daily gaining of strength.

Andrew of the Kansas Kimbles

Kate Larson said...

I've read through your post many times. It's a miracle message for sure. Brings tears of amazement!!! You definitely have fight in you...keep it up!!!