Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Shall Ask . . .

Here are the two pictures I took at the cemetery yesterday. Not a lot of change, just poinsettias now. Myls had taken some lefse and put at Clark's grave on Thanksgiving. It was a really hard time for him. I looked for the lefse yesterday and either it was eaten by birds or covered with snow.
You shall ask
What good are the dead leaves
And I will tell you
They nourish the sore earth.
You shall ask
What reason is there for winter
And I will tell you
To bring about new leaves.
You shall ask
Why are the leaves so green
And I will tell you
Because they are rich with life.
You shall ask
Why must summer end
And I will tell you
So that the leaves can die.

- Nancy Wood


Anonymous said...

Always thinking of you and your family. You are in our prayers-especially this Christmas Season. May God be with you and help you feel the peace only He can provide. Much Love, Shane and Beth

The House that James Built said...

his headstone is so beautiful-- coolest i've ever seen! thoughts and prayers always with you. i hope you'll share if you eventually find out about the donor family. i hope it can be a good experience for you--it's a very tender thing.
lots of love
lizzie, lulu's mom