Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Clark Blog to Book

The Super Clark blog only has a few posts left to write. His headstone was placed and we will post pictures of that. I want to write a synopsis of the funerals and share pictures just to record them. Then, we will leave the blog up but probably will not be updating. We are going to print a book so if there are any last comments, experiences, thoughts you would like to share, please leave them as a comment. We would love to hear from you and feel of your support and involvement. Thank you!


Elizabeth Morris said...

Remember god is taking care of him and you guys now. I personally did not know Clark but I know Ryan and your family will always be in my prayers and Clarks story will never be forgotten. God bless

Anonymous said...

Clark, I will always remember you for the great guy you are. I'm glad I got the chance to grow up with you to see the great things you have done. It breaks my heart to know all the struggles you had to endure. I know god had a different plan for you and that you're in a better place. I will always remember you for who you are and all the lives that you have changed. You will be missed.
Shanna Schmeling

Anonymous said...

Dearest Family of Clark, You all are so special. I understand how hard the season is. It will be 31 years that our daughter Teresa has been gone on Christmas day. Our love & prayers are with you. I know how special Clark was to all of you. The memories are what keeps us going. We are so glad that God has given us you as sisters & brothers in Christ. We love you.
Bobby & CLaudia Mills