Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Clark on ABC4

New health care laws might have saved young man's life
Reported by: Kimberly Houk
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - With the number of uninsured Americans rising to more than 50-million last year, the new health care laws are bringing some welcome relief, but for one young man’s family, the new laws didn't come soon enough. The Kimble family lost their son and brother in June after his insurance company refused to pay for a bone marrow transplant. It’s a costly procedure that could have saved his life.

Kristin Purles is reading to her children on a day she says is very bittersweet to her as she watches a new health care law go into effect. A law, she says may have made it possible for her kids to still have their uncle, and she, her brother.

“It’s hard looking back knowing this could have saved Clark’s life and given him years with us. It’s bittersweet, because I hope many others lives can be saved, and they get the care that they need”.

Clark Kimble recently lost his battle with acute liver failure. Their last images were of him lying in his hospital bed, hooked to tubes.

“That was probably the hardest part. He had a condition that had a cure. Doctors knew what to do. They had the equipment. He had an exact sibling match donor. Everything was ready to go on a moment’s notice, and it was all denied because of funding”.

Clark reached his maximum lifetime payout limit of $2-million. The insurance company refused to pay for what could have been a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

“They didn’t have funding, and it cost him his life”.

A life cut tragically short at just 24 years old, but under the new health care reform law, insurers are now prohibited from imposing lifetime limits on benefits.

It could help people stay on their private insurances and get the care that they need there”. It’s a law she wishes would have come sooner to possibly save her brother.

This new health care law is projected to cover 32 million uninsured people, as well as reduce the deficit by 143-billion dollars over 10 years, but republicans are reminding voters the health care law did manage to front load some benefits while deferring the pain of tax increases until after the election.
Kimberly Houk


kate larson said...

You did a GREAT job Kristin!!! I love that his story continues to impact many people. That will NEVER change!!!

Xavier Riley said...


Nicola Redwing said...

Thought it was pretty awesome that today in Watertown's Ki-Yi parade there was a float and car in it honoring Super Clark!!!

Marilyn Fronk said...

So sad this was too late for Clark, but hopefully this will make a difference for other people who are suffering and don't get the care they need. I just don't think the people who protest the health care reform have any idea what this means to hard working people who encounter catastrophic illness or injury.

Susie Althoff Stroup said...

I caught a piece on this change this morning on the Today show & thought of Clark & all of you. Wishing this reform would have happened a year earlier.. but, I think maybe it is Clark up there at God's side getting things done! :)

Anita Kay said...

When I heard this on the news this morning I didn't know whether to scream or cry.

Marissa Ellefson said...

Still hard to believe. Thinking of you and all of your strength Kristin.

Jessica Woody said...

U, your mom, and family are the strongest people that I know I am still fightin everyday to believe that he's really gone. I just want to call him and talk to him or yell at him because of Hemi, but I can't and it saddens me because he's gone there's nobody even close to him I still love u more then ever Clark Kimble!!!

Sheryl Coray said...

You have strength and so many things that are truly amazing!! I cannot believe all that you and your family have gone through. I am truly sorry for the loss of your brother!!