Friday, February 19, 2010

The Day to Day

Clark was discharged from the hospital a week ago Friday. While there, they removed his Pic line. He doesn't even know how long it was in. He just woke up one morning and it was there. It's been since right after the transplant though. They wanted to remove anything that would allow infection to get in easily. Now he has to be poked every time he gives or receives blood, or anything else. He bruises easily and they take a long time to heal so all these extra sticks make for many bruises. Eventually he will have a port put into his chest for the chemo and BMT. Home health visits have been cut back to twice a week, Monday and Thursday. He doesn't have any energy and sleeps most of the days. He also doesn't have any appetite at all. He weighed 125 a couple days ago but is now back to 132. He wakes most mornings with a pretty good head ache that lightens as the day goes on. He spends lots of time on the computer and Xbox. He said he has Skype on most of the time so if you want to give him a call you can either search for his name, or his Skype username is "tuffscarz".Willow also keeps him busy. She loves Hemi and I never know if Hemi is playing along with her or trying to run away. Willow likes to tell Clark stories. She picks up a piece of his mail (and there's a ton of it, mostly bills!) and starts out something like this, "Once upon a time, . . . hopisal . . . some more things he can't understand . . . You like that story Clark?" Then she'll grab the next piece of mail and start in on another story. Today she told him that he can come to storytime with her.

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