Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Even superheros have a weakness. This is Clark's!
Clark cannot eat grapefruit or drink the juice because it cancels out his anti-rejection meds. Who knew? Unfortunately, this was one of his favorite fruits and he would drink grapefruit juice almost daily. It is also one of the last things he bought before going into the hospital. It truly is his Kryptonite.


Mills said...

The things we take for granted, right? I would never think that grapefruit would/could hurt someone. Interesting how that works with his anti-rejection medications. Maybe he will find a new fruit to love???

The House that James Built said...

grapefruit came as a surprise to me too. we are waiting for a liver transplant for our baby and when we did our education about the antirejection meds thought that it was a joke. nope. no grapefruit. ever. not even sunnydelight..cause it has grapefruit juice in it. random. i am making my way through your is so great that your loved ones were able to document this period in your life for you. i'm hoping to do the same for our london. i wish you the best, best, best. you deserve it. xoxo
liz badger

The House that James Built said...

happy new year! may it be better than the last! love, lulu- your liver friend