Friday, July 31, 2009

Transfer to University Hospital

Clark's condition was not improving while at Timpanogos Regional Hospital so they transferred him to University Hospital in Salt Lake. He is still in the ICU and is under the care of an excellent team. The nurses and doctors are very attentive, aggressive, and persistent. Clark was grilled several times about his history, lifestyle, and family illnesses, hoping that something might tip them off as to a cause. They also have the ability to do the transplant here if necessary.


Karla said...

Kristin and Family~

What an amazing and wonderful gesture to set up this blog, and keep all of us who love Clark in the loop and up to date.

Clark and the rest of you have been in my thoughts and prayers since Kate's call to me last Monday morning.

I worked at the U of U in the School of Medicine for eight years, and they are indeed miracle workers. They are committed to healing and will pull out all the stops to help Super Clark !!!

I've sent a prayer request out at my end to over 50 people via email, as far as the east coast, west coast, down to Texas, to many folks at Intel, and even to Scotland and numerous individuals and church families are now praying for Clark, his family, and his medical team, etc.

My husband and I will go down and see about giving blood tomorrow.

My love and good thoughts to Clark, and I will now pass the word to donate blood as well... hoping of course that he won't need it, and it can go to someone else ;-)

Love and gratitude,
Karla in St. George

PS ~ If there is anything at all that I can do for you or to help you, please don’t hesitate to write to me. I left Clark a text and I’ve told Kate to give him a hug from me, but if you will let him know that I love him a lot and thinking about him pretty much every waking moment of the day. A hug for Rhonda as well. All will be fine because I believe in God’s master plan, and I believe in the medical staff at the U of U… I’ve seen many miracles there over the years !!!


Anonymous said...
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